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News 10 SEP 2015

AGWTracker Windows Phone 8.1.
AGWTracker now available at Windows Phone store for free.First release. Missing messages and some other feautures.
Will be update soon.
Wait for Apple IOS version during this Year.

AGWTracker Official Release.
Added new features.Right click a callsign in the Stations List to see the New menu.Now you can locate a call using any online map.
Fixed the problem with unexpected crashes.

AGWTracker Official Release.
Added Support for OVI (Nokia) online Maps.
New 64bit Version. Optional Just to Check it version with no need to Install it.Unzip and just execute it.

AGWTracker Official Release.
New User Interface with Ribbon.
New Compiler. Many Bugs fixed and a lot of Updates.
New Easy Setup Wizzard.

AGWTrackerPPC for Windows Mobile Update.
Now can dial and connect correctly to GPRS or 3G cellular networks.

Added a second Filter definition for APRS Internet Servers for GPRS or 3G Cellular Networks.That way you can limit the traffic and charges!!!

AGWTracker Official Release.
Added Support for Online OpenStreet Maps.

AGWTracker Official Release.
Added ability to Log to Database APRS activity. Released because from now on i iwll use new compiler. AGWTracker will have a new User Interface like MS Office 2007. Check the AGWTracker Yahoo list for beta versions.

AGWTrackerPPC (Pocket PC)
It behaves well on devices with Large screens. Now you can use an alternate Icon/symbols set. In the cab there is an alternate set. To change it go to File/Properties/Labels.

AGWTrackerPPC (Pocket PC) Update
Fixed various Bugs.
Now the GPS TX OK to APRS servers.

AGWUIDigi Update
Fixed various Bugs.
Added the Ability to specify a Filter to APRS servers.

AGWTracker Update
Fixed the Problem with Greek, Bulgarian and Russian Language.
Finish A problem with the Monitor View.Now it scrolls even if AGWTRacker has not the input focus.

AGWTracker Update
Russian Language.
Finish Language.
Supported Vector formats are Shape (ArcView), Garmin (img), DBX, GPX, Polish Format and AGW for PocketPC.
Support for MrSid Raster format.
Added New Notification for Received Messages.
Added new Station Alarm that allow you to record a station's positions. Now we have the follow station events.
1. When First Heard.
2.When Moves.
3.When the Speed is over a specified Speed.
4.When Stopped for more than specified minutes.
5.Record Tracks.

At Last !
It was a difficult decision. I had the problem with existing applications that use the WEB, like "AGWTracker and Google Maps". But Here we are!!!

AGWTracker for PPC (Update)
Fixed Problems with VGA Screens. The Program was optimised for QVGA (240*320) screens only. On VGA was a perfect mess!!! Now works just fine on VGA.

AGWTracker (Update)
New AGWTracker. Vista Aware. Added Yahoo Maps, Polish Format Maps, Garmin Image maps.Added the Ability to define Alarm Areas and be notified when a station Enters or leaves the area. (Circular and Complex Polygon Alarms). Now support Online Mapping (Virtual Earth , Google Maps and Yahoo Maps). Support for Shape file maps, Polish Format and Garmin Image files (Vector). Multilingual (Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified and Traditional), Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, English, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish ).If you wish to translate it drop me an email, you will get free registrations for Packet Engine Pro and AGWTracker.


AGWTracker Windows Phone 81.

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